Speedy Tuesday - Building a Dream Become a reality With a bit of Pocket ChangeHow having 90 Euros in coins resulted in owning a vintage Omega Speedmaster Professional. You read these stories sometimes and wish it had been you. But it happened to Rumen Kostov, who's got become a passionate follower of Speedy Tuesday in the meanwhile. His passion for that Speedmaster is caused by two of the most common reasons: 1) the timeless design of this chronograph and a couple) the moonwatch story, needless to say.Although we watch enthusiasts and collectors have a tendency to forget sometimes, spending $4500 over a watch just isn't normal for many. It remains a lot of money, though were of thebelief that the Speedmaster is money well-spent. Putting money aside month after month, sometimes for many years, finally ends up with buying your favorite watch that creates your heart skip a beat . But, many people don't possess that kind of patience and find alternative methods for making their horological dreams be realized. Everyone's been aware of up-trading, in which you collect replica watches of some sort or other and then sell on them again in order to be in the position to invest in a more expensive one. Rumen Kostov, who resides in Bulgaria, purchased his 1984 Speedmaster recording. A watch that wasn't perfect and positively needed some tlc from an excellent watchmaker. Weaponry testing pusher, missing bezel and a scratched crystal as an example. But the watch was mainly dirty. And I like dirty replica watches, to tell the truth, because these mostly show they haven't been tempered with by the watchmaker. They only need to have a good overhaul. So that is what Rumen basically tried to your watch, an entire overhaul. This hadn't come cheap, at approx. 800 Euro, even so the watch is in a position internet marketing worn daily again.He dreamt of which has a Speedmaster for a long period, but simply cannot get himself to get the correct of greenbacks. So he developed the understanding of commencing to sell and buy cheaper replica watches and doing that long enough to advance a Speedmaster. He had witnessed someone else doing this as well, on a local Bulgarian watch forum, who were left with a Submariner. Certainly one of how this can be done. His budget, just 90 Euros in coins. Pocket change that she had schedule over a period of A few months. His first purchase would be a Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. It had a difficulty, but as his daytime job is repairing mobile and smartphones, he surely could repair the watch likewise. watches Rumen started buy and trade cheaper replica watches, Seiko, Citizen, Revue Thommen, Zelos, Invicta, Festina, Pulsar, Casio, Victorinox but the occasional fashion watch (e.g. Gucci) had his hands. In total, 58 replica watches were once his.He bought his first watch November 14th, 2017 and commenced doing his trades and swaps like there was no tomorrow. Three months later, on March 18 breitling automatic , 2018, he found an advertisement of your improperly working Omega Speedmaster Professional having a missing bezel and decided to take his car and go to seller. It set him back 800 Euro that she fully financed by selling off his cheaper replica watches. It absolutely was something of a gamble for him, when he did not have clue about a estimate for repair. And also the Omega Speedmaster definitely would have to be fixed, rolex copies for sale mainly because it stood a broken mainspring and a missing pusher and bezel. After asking some collectors who are also playing the online watch forum, he found the best watchmaker with really good feedback (essential). This person repaired and serviced the Lemania based calibre 861 movement and installed a different bezel, two new pushers, a new winding crown, new Hesalite crystal and many types of gaskets. The whole overhaul, you could say. This set Rumen back another 800 Euro, which he might fund together with the money on the remaining replica watches he had sold. So overall, his fully restored 1984 Speedmaster Professional had cost him 1600 Euro.Below, some pictures of the watch how Rumen thought it was along with a volume of images as soon as the repair and restoration on the Speedmaster. You are able to click on the images for larger versions Recently, on May 26th, the restoration work was finished around the Speedmaster and that he picked this again. A dream be realized, because he truly cherishes the Speedmaster Professional. Along with some luck but particularly with a lot of persistence, Rumen got his favourite chronograph, completely serviced and with an interesting story to share with. While collecting and trading replica watches, and living nearly getting his Speedmaster away from service, Rumen allows us to understand that he met lots of cool people making some good friends. His Speedmaster Professional is his everyday watch anf the husband couldn't have wished for an improved 'first serious watch'.Thanks to Rumen for sharing his story. Do you have a story of ones own you want to present to us? Use this page to make contact with us. replica breitling repair watches
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